Training and Development Offerings

Effectively trained employees and leaders can positively impact your bottom line by reducing risk, increasing employee engagement and turbo-charging productivity… Adelante HR Consulting offers flexible, highly interactive, and high impact training that delivers your message, sets clear expectations and provides employees with the tools to meet those expectations.

  • The Gift of Feedback: With an employment landscape dramatically fluctuating on a seemingly daily basis to address growing economic concerns, a critical need exists today more than ever for business leaders to communicate effectively throughout the organization.

Today’s business risks are great including: maintaining performance and quality standards with less employees; retaining critical knowledge and averting loss of key talent; as well as strengthening third party relationships. In spite of widespread staff reductions, businesses leaders, line managers and supervisors are charged with maintaining service and operational excellence while delivering measurable business results.

Though to do “more with less” requires ingenuity, planning and the valuable Gift of Feedback.  It all begins right here. We hear it all the time from employees: “My manager only talks to me when I do something wrong or make a mistake” or “I have no idea what is expected of me.”

Leaders have moved away from the basics of simple and very effective conversations with our employees because there is such a strong focus as an organization on the economy, doing more with less, improving profitability, and in some organizations simply surviving. This class focuses on how leader can minimize or avert long-term business risks by developing a feedback program that touches all phases of the employee life cycle.  Whether the goal is to attract or retain top talent, manage those struggling to achieve, or cultivate key vendor relationships, an effective feedback culture and program can significantly impact an organization’s results.

  • New-hire orientation: Employees make the decision to stay with your organization or leave within the first 90 days of their employment. Most often, the highest turnover faced by organizations occurs within that first year of employment. Why not then make a great first impression with a robust new-hire orientation training program? Employees will learn about the organization, their department, their role, the client groups (both internal and external), and policy and procedures. Employees will leave new-hire orientation training with a full and clear understanding of expectations of behavior and performance, in addition to understanding how their role specifically impacts the success of the organization. Talk about a head-start to strong employee engagement!! Just as with all other training offered by Adelante HR Consulting, new hire orientation is 100% customizable to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Employee training: Adelante HR Consulting offers front-line employee training that positively impacts performance and reduces risk.
    • Compliance Training (Workplace Harassment, Workplace Discrimination, Diversity, Drug and Alcohol-free Workplace, Workplace Violence)
    • Safety Training
    • Effective Communication
    • Team-building
    • Customer Service – Delight Your Customers
    • Customized training designed to meet your organization’s specific needs
  • Leadership Development Training – Not everyone is a natural-born leader. Organizations all make the same mistake – they take their best front-line workers – the best nurses, the best production employee, etc, and promote them to a leadership position without realizing that the skills needed to deliver patient care differ greatly from the skills needed to manage and lead effectively. Don’t feel so bad, every organization does it. The important thing is to take action and bring Adelante HR Consulting into your organization to design and implement a strong and effective leadership development training program. Adelante HR Consulting offers a diverse curriculum for leadership:
    • The Gift of Feedback…it all begins here. If leaders in your organization don’t know how to simply “talk” to their employees, every other effort made to drive performance and employee engagement is futile. Click here read The Gift of Feedback blog post
    • Compliance Training for Leaders (Workplace Harassment, Workplace Discrimination, Diversity, Drug and Alcohol-free Workplace, Workplace Violence, Effective Workplace Investigations)
    • Principles of Leadership
    • Team-building
    • Effective Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Change Management
    • Performance Management (From setting goals/expectations to holding employees accountable for behaviors and results)
    • Behavior-Based Interviewing Skills
    • The Corrective Action Process – Discipline Without the Whip
    • Customized leadership training based on your organization’s needs

Delivery Methods for Training

  • On or off-site, facilitator-led sessions
  • Virtual training via Webex or GoToMeeting sessions
  • One-on-one development sessions with struggling or up-and-coming leaders

Training Design

  • Assessment methods:
    • Surveys
    • Performance Gap Analysis
    • Focus Groups
    • Roundtable Discussions
    • One-on-one interviews
    • Client consultation sessions
    • Design: based on the assessments and the needs of the client, we then design the curriculum necessary to meet the challenges faced by the organization. We can design curriculum from the ground-up or re-design existing curriculum
    • Development: we develop all of the necessary materials for the training including handouts, booklets, presentations, job aids, etc.
    • Implementation: we deliver the training in the most appropriate format to meet the needs of the client and participants
    • Evaluation: we evaluate the impact of the training immediately – assessing the program content, impact, facilitator presentation skills, etc. Additionally, we evaluate the impact on behaviors by assessing performance three to six months after the training

Customized Training

Adelante HR Consulting, LLC can custom-design training to meet the needs of the client and the organization. Contact us today to learn more about this, or any of our services.