Why Adelante HR?

FEEDBACK, when delivered appropriately can unleash the true potential in any organization’s employees. PEOPLE are the most valuable asset in any organization.

Adelante HR Consulting helps organizations turn their human capital – their PEOPLE – into a competitive advantage by focusing on their growth and development, so that organizations can focus on their strategy, growth and profitability.

Adelante HR accomplishes this by focusing our efforts in three primary areas:

  • Training and Development (link to page)
  • Speaking Engagements (link to page)
  • Human Resource Consulting Services (link to page)

Our business acumen allows us to partner with organizations on a strategic and operational level in order to truly understand its goals, objectives and challenges. This strategic partnership approach allows for the development and implementation of optimal solutions that drive change and yield results.

By turning your human resources into a competitive advantage, your organization will thrive and outpace all of its competitors.


“The Gift of Feedback” – Continuing the Conversation Video Series

Video 1 – Confrontation: Why It Has Such A Bad Rap And What We Can Do About It


Video 2 – Confrontation: Is Feedback Happening In Your Workplace


Video 3 – Managing Emotions


Video 4 – The Gift of Feedback As A Driver Of Employee Engagement


Video 5 – One-on-One Feedback Sessions , Step by Step